Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My "New" Car... well, new to ME at least.

My first black car/van... I can either be really stealth in it, or it will really be showing the Wisconsin winter's salt and dirt on it ..*L*

Since my 2006 Grand Caravan decided to end it's existance with us a week before our road trip, we decided to go with a "newer" mini-van, which John and I signed papers on after I returned from the road trip and picked up the other day. This one is 2 years old (2008), but low mileage and in great shape (Thanks Tasch Motors!!). It has a lot of cool new features too... back side windows that open and close, where previously only had a vent window in the way back. It's an automatic, but the shift is on the dash instead of on the column... it has the same stow and go seats that I had in my last one (which I LOVE!), and I found out it has heated seats in the front! Which is really great in the winter, I am already finding out! *L*

I haven't read the manual yet, but it has a whole different radio/video/cd player system in it... and lots of other buttons, knobs and things I have yet to figure out... but it's a nice one... only drawback is extending payments longer...but then, car payments seem to be a way of life these days anyway.

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