Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Squirrely Friend ... waiting for his mail?

Kasey took this photo today of this squirrel on the porch railing. She said he was hissing at her as she sat on the porch.

Wonder if he had some package coming from the Buddy Squirrel Nut place that he didn't want her to get? *L*


All the bookkeeping is done for all businesses... clothes drying, groceries bought, house clean?..well, not too bad at least, ... and the countdown continues... 9 hours and 10 minutes until take-off. I better get some sleep, eh? *S*

Can't wait for the road trip with my daughter to begin!!

Thankful that hubby is holding down the fort while we're gone. *S*

Sure to be photos to come along the way....


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