Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wednesday, August 17, 2011
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
held at
Christ Episcopal Church of Delavan
503 E. Walworth Ave., Delavan, WI
Featuring Interactive Prayer Stations &
Assemblages by Roberta

Assemblage: A 3-dimensional artistic, often eclectic, composition made from putting together found objects. Scraps of wood, stones, old shoes, baked bean cans, a discarded baby buggy - or any item, can qualify for inclusion in an assemblage. Whatever catches the artist's eye, and fits properly in the composition to
make a unified whole, is fair game.

In this "Art as Prayer" meditation workshop, artist, Roberta Karstetter uses found objects in ways that create sacred spaces and offers art, as meditative prayers, in a conscious connection to the Creator, often in a new and unique way to reflect the divine.

For centuries, religious groups have practiced art as a way to communicate with and about God.
Navajo Native Americans created sandpaintings as ritualistic healing and cleansing of evil spirits. The word for art in most Native American languages is synonymous with the word prayer.
Australian Aborigines created sandpaintings and dot paintings in ritual ceremonies to reproduce and pass on sacred knowledge and spiritual power.

Tibetan Buddhists created paintings, sculpture and music as acts
of prayer where they would reproduce sacred objects and visions
that served as tools to access their Creator.
Shodo, the ancient practice of Zen calligraphy which means ‘the
way of the brush,’ is a meditation where the artist releases control
of self, desire, and personal will in order to let their art flow.
In Mexico ex-voto paintings, meaning dedicated gifts, were
created and offered as protection from illness or as thanksgiving
for miracles.

Creating art as an act of prayer serves as a personal transformation, not only for the artist, but for the viewer, providing an opportunity to increase our capacity for reflection.
We all find the path to God in different places and ways. Sharing of experiences with art, prayer and the path toward the Creator offer glimpses into our life experiences and enables us to better understand our spiritual journey as we travel together with God and each other.

ALL are Welcome!! For More Information & To Register Call Christ Church at 262-728-5292.

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