Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation Continues... and more family arrives!

A relaxing morning, breakfast with John and Janel and grandsons... John-John made blueberry pancakes with strawberry topping, and bacon and eggs... yummmmmm!!

More pool time, and Kasey arrived just before dinner... John-John grilled pork grillers, taters and onions too... DEEEELICIOUS!!

John gets a lot of flak about those crazy camo pants, but they are his camping pants, he says! *L*

Kaine and Jorden arrived just as we were finishing dinner, and Jorden wanted to play with the kids, and the dogs, explore the playground, and then go swimming...

And other family also arrived! YAY!

Some speedball volley ball was also enjoyed after dinner.

And then, it was time for the Just Dance Competition and campfire at Bill and Chellie's campsite.

It got a little cool tonite...great for sleeping!! ...Long day, I'm beat... Thank you Lord for this day and the fun and family!!

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