Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kayak & canoeing on the Wisconsin River, and more fun too!

Breakfast this morning was at the Nieuwenhuis campsite for everyone. Yummy scrambled eggs, ham, muffins, toast and strawberries with yogurt and granola. Mmmmm, good!!

Then many of us headed out for padding and lunch on the river for about 5 hours.
(Others spent time at the campsite and pool, and headed to the Dells for some fun.)

Getting set up to start the river run. Waiting for the guys to get back from the shuttle, we explored the dam, and other river areas at the place we would put in.

A birds nest in a fence post ... and FINALLY, they guys are back from the shuttle and we are heading out!

A Lunch stop on the river was fun too!!

And then headed on down the river .... what a great day!! (however the river was low, so the trip took an hour or so longer than it had the year before.)

Jorden had fun switching canoes and kayaks with others... she eventually fell asleep in the back of her Daddy's (Kaine's) kayak.

I had fun bringing Jeff and Josh with me, sitting in the front of my kayak part of the way down the river too!


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