Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a rocky start to our vacation day. We had to work on Monday A.M., and John had the canoe trailer all packed, and the kayaks and canoes already loaded onto it. BUT, a wind storm blew in early this morning, and a branch from the tree that the trailer was sitting under broke off, hit one of our canoes, creasing & cracking it in a few places, breaking a wooden centerpiece, and bending the metal braces on the trailer in a few places as well. We were lucky though, around the city hundreds of trees were damaged, lots of other wind storm damage stuff too... and then our power went out as well just after 8 a.m. After I got home from work at 12:30 (thankfully just a block away they had power!!), John was home, and had fixed the trailer and canoe (duct tape does wonders for a temporary fix, btw!)... and I finished packing in a home with no electricity...makes it hard to see in the basement, and hot with no AC either! But, we finally got on the road about 3 p.m....and still no electricity at the house. Later we found out, from Kasey, who was still home, that the power FINALLY came back on about 7:30 p.m., almost 12 hours later~!

BUT, HURRAH!!! We are OFFICIALLY gone and on vacation!!
After a quick stop at the local grocery store for a few more food items we arrived at our campsite around 5:30, and set up..... a rented camper, same one we did last year, in a great location, just across from the pool.

We ate dinner, sat on the deck, and went swimming late, just before the pool closed.

Note to self: Don't go jumping into a pool on the shallow side in the dark, it screws up yer knees, and HURTS! *lol*

Then we crashed for the nite....tomorrow the kids start arriving!

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