Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandson Friday Fun!!

Today was a long, productive, and fun day with our three grandsons. Started early, when the boys arrived at 7 a.m., and my cupboards were pretty we went to McD's to get breakfast-to-go, and then head to Church where I had to work for a couple of hours. Of course, I took advantage of the child labor I had and after breakfast they helped me change the church sign.... and what a great job they did too!

Taking down the old sign message ...

.... and putting up the new sign message.....

And then it was back inside to put away all the letters from the old message... the boys did a great job!!

While I finished up some office work, the boys raided the costume closet and celebrated a job well done.. *lol*


Then a quick trip to the store, and the dollar store, and back home for some "red-neck" deck swimming ... (a grandson tradition, "swimming" in plastic bins on the deck..*L*)...hey, when it's HOT outside, you'll do anything to cool off! *L*

After lunch, the boys showed off their "Just Dance" skills in a fun song they all knew the dance moves to...*L* What a goofy bunch!!...gotta love em, and I do!! *S* *Note: Turn off my playlist songs to hear this short video.

A fun day for all!

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