Sunday, December 23, 2012

Busy Church Morning, Fun, Family Christmas Evening....

This was a GREAT day that the Lord hath made!  Busy morning after Church getting all the Christmas flowers arranged in the Church for the Christmas Services coming up. 
The Sunday School kids had fun helping unwrap all the brown wrappers off the beautiful poinsettias... they were huge, and mass quantities of them too!!  The kids are swimming in a sea of Christmas flowers..*L*

But I could only stay about an hour to help, had to get home and start making appetizers for the family Christmas celebration with the kids and grandsons who came over late afternoon and stayed for the evening... fun times... thankful for our kids and grandkids!  We missed having Jorden with us, but she gets to come visit next weekend!
John, Janel, Jeff, Josh & Jake came in their
Packer finery!
The kids had Stockings with some fun things in them, a few gifts and games, and we also had "snowballs"!! 

I bought a lot of white crepe paper, and rolled it into balls, adding various trinkets, candy, coins, small toys, stickers, and dollar bills in various denominations, all rolled up inside the snowball.  All of us got to choose a snowball from time to time, and unwrap it, finding the goodies and treasures inside!  But, as it was being unwrapped, the crepe paper was suppose to get re-wrapped (minus the gifts), and then we had a snowball fight with each other.  Some lucky ones got snowballs with $50, $20, $10, $1's and amounts inbetween too!

Some of them did better at re-wrapping
than others! *lol*
Jake was a lucky $50 finder!
The grandsons LOVED it, even though in some of the rounds of opening the snowballs some got just a few dollars, they all received a good share of treasure, and were happy.   It was a fun way to give them cash (which is what they wanted so they could buy special games for their various electronic things).

Getting wild with the snowball paper!

A remote control shark, with fancy lights for
playing in the dark was a hit!

The Fibbers Game was a LOT of fun!

  We played this silly "Fibbers" game for hours! *lol*

We all got wax moustaches too *L*
Had pizza and appetizers, and of course the family Christmas photos!  
Had to have a nice photo too!
It was a great Christmas celebration - Thank you Jesus!!

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