Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gifford Family Christmas continued...

More fun from the family Christmas celebration at our house....  (see previous post for other photos).

The stairs were a popular
place to hang out since
everyplace else was taken!

Family grabbed whatever space they could find....

Shoes were at one time in a nice
neat arrangement on the porch...LOL!!
Just when you thought no more
relatives could arrive - they did!
More of the Pelnars arrived!

Loren and Kasey try out
the musical Santa hats.

After some of the family left, Jorden was FINALLY able to open some of
her gifts from us.
Beautiful clothes from Aunt Janel,
Uncle John and the boys!
Cool Hat/scarf from Grandpa & Gram!

Loving cousins... Jeff, Josh, Jorden, Jake.

Grandkids... gotta love them!!

Jeff, Josh, Jorden and Jake.

Aunt Kasey reads to the kids
from a funny book she got
as a gag gift...

The book that had the kids so
interested as Kasey read it. *lol*
John was talking smack to Janel,
and bet she couldn't take him
down... she was about to show him!
Janel is under the pile-on! *lol*

Now John-John is under the pile!
Janel and Jake

Uncle John-John and Jorden.

A wonderful family time... Merry After Christmas to all... and to all a Good Night!!

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