Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gifford Family Christmas 2012

My side of the family usually celebrates on Christmas Morning, but my Mom is recovering from cancer surgery and undergoing chemo treatments, and still at a nursing home recovering, so we didn't go to Dad and Mom's as usual, but had our family Christmas after Christmas Day... at our house.  About 65-68 of us were able to come and celebrate.  Mom was able to come from the nursing home too for a few hours.  It was mass chaos, but a good time celebrating with Mom and Dad and all the family! 

(We missed those of you who couldn't make it too!!)
just SOME of the family in the
living room.

Mom's enjoying the fun!

More of the family.
Good luck getting into the kitchen!

And even MORE family...
Mom and Aunt Shirley
Sandy opening a birthday gift too
Her birthday is Dec. 30th
An ugly sweater competition was
part of the fun!
Harriett, Susan, Peggy - ugly sweaters
Aunt Shirley & Laura win the
Ugly Sweater Contest!
A fun, take away gift exchange took
us about 2 hours to complete!
Chellie & Elf Jorden
A load of presents for the gift exchange.
Dad (Papa) & Josh
hiding out in the kitchen.
Kasey and BF Loren
Just a little crowded!
Matthew picked a Packer blanket,
which was grabbed by others in
the mad Christmas exchange game.
The dining room was less crowded!
Some of the kids hid out on the front
porch, a haven for shoes & coats.
Good thing there was a space heater!
Some of the girls couldn't take the crowd
and hid out in our bedroom at times,
watching movies on the tv there.
And the gift exchange game continues

Jorden loved the snowglobe from
Daddy Kaine!

Loren & Kasey try on
the Santa hats.

The bass tuba was a gift
that many of us fought over,
I ended up winning it!
But, I gave it to my nephew,
and he is going to try to restore it.
It was a hectic, but fun time, and glad that Mom could be here too! ... more of today to come later...

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