Sunday, December 30, 2012

Father Bill's Last Sunday At Christ Church...

Ron, Fr. Bill and Susanne

Today was a bittersweet time for us at Church ... our long time (15 years) priest, Father Bill Myrick, is retiring at the and of the year, and today was his last Sunday with us, since tomorrow is also his birthday, we had a cake and celebrated with him.

Ron and Susanne Nelson, and the Music Ministry led us in a song they created lyrics for, to honor Father Bill ... sang to the tune of "Leaving on a Jet Plane".  I don't think there was a dry eye in the whole Church as we sang it to Fr. Bill.

Leaving in a U-Haul
Your bags aren’t packed, not ready to go,  You’re living there, it’s right next door.
We hate to part our ways and say goodbye. But the dawn is breaking, a new life waits,
Retirement’s here – it’s gonna be great; We really do not want to say goodbye.

Refrain: We’ll miss you and hold you dear,  Pray for you throughout the year,
You have made a footprint in our hearts.  You’re leaving in a U-haul,
Don’t know if you’ll be back at all,  It’s time we let you go.

So many ways you taught us well, Encouraged us when we fell,
You taught us that to love is best of all.  The Study Groups, the Homeless too,
The Masses prayed – we’re born anew.  You shared yourself whenever we would call. (Refrain)

The time has come, we wish you well,  The schedule’s gone – it will be swell.
So many things to do throughout the days. Your camping trips, canoeing too,
Family times and gourmet food –  But who will change our lightbulbs when we’re gone?  (Refrain)

Blowing out the mass quantities
of birthday candles.. *lol*
It's going to be different not having
Fr. Bill around everyday at Church.

Deb & Fr. Bill, looks like Deb & I
are on our own after the 1st of the year!
(Oh, maybe we'll have to take some time
off for Goodwill trips.. heh!!)

Jorden got to say her goodbyes to Fr. Bill too!

Good-Bye & God Bless Fr. Bill!

Good-bye is never forever to those who love the Lord.

We Pray for our priest, and friend, Father Bill Myrick:
Dear God, Thank you for the blessing of Father Bill Myrick and the Spirit-filled leadership he has brought to our Parish. He is truly Your servant. Be with him in this time of transition. Temper his loss with the joy and excitement of looking forward to a new period in his life. Care for him and bring him to a new home where he can continue his path with You. Bless Father Bill as he has blessed us and keep him safe in Your Almighty Hands. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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