Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Art of Assembling a Gingerbread House - A Grandson Experience & Fun!

This afternoon, my daughter and I picked up two of the three grandsons (unfortunately, Josh was sick and couldn't go), and we headed to a workshop put on in their town for kids to make gingerbread houses.

What a wonderful event it was! I can tell a LOT of work went into preparing for it, and they only ask a $3 fee for each child... it is a labor of love, and the women in Clinton who put it on are wonderful to do it!! They make wonderful memories for many kids (and parents and grandparents)!

They had gingerbread houses all set up, ready to decorate with a small bag of candies and a cup of frosting for each child. They also had tons of other candies and embellishments that they could add to their houses at a table in front. The kids took their plates up to the table and were able to get as many gummy bears, gum drops, pretzels, marshmellows, M & M's, sprinkles, fruit loops and so much more.

I believe I did see grandson Jeff consuming as much as he put on his gingerbread house..*L* But when I looked around at the other kids, they also were enjoying all the treats!

Our DIL, Janel, took the boys last year, but had to work this year ... sorry she missed the fun, but I am grateful for having the time to be able to be there this year with Jake and Jeff, and being asked to come with the boys! It was nice that they also let us bring a kit of candies and a house home for Josh to do too!

So, here are photos from our fun afternoon!

Such loving brothers, Jake and Jeff... hahaa!! *S*

And some of Josh at home decorating his gingerbread house too!! ....

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