Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like Christmas ....

Busy couple of days here ... putting away art assemblages to make room for Christmas decorations. Hauling Christmas decorations and various trees from the attic and basement... ugghhh!!

But, it's looking pretty good so far ... just a few more things to do and the decorating will be done! Then on to finish buying and wrapping gifts, making appetizers that I can freeze for later Christmas consumption and of course bookkeeping since it's almost year end too.

Front porch lights and an old sled with skates and my giant wooden candy cane.

The dining room chandelier decorated with red glass berry beads and glass ornaments, and fancy Christmas flowers on the hutch with light branches.

And the pencil tree fit really well into my table leg planter that I had made a few years ago. I hung those old glass bird ornaments I had found a week or so ago on the pencil tree...wish I had a few more of them!

I collect brush trees and other unique trees that I put on my mantle...

The tabletop tree with the cute stuffed bears is always a hit with the grandkids... the tree skirt was one our Aunt Evelyn made many years ago and she passed on to us.

The bucket tree on the desk, along with an old St. Nicholas made with a vintage quilt piece helps make the wild boar head more festive too..*L* I have to find my santa hats that I put on the wild boar heads and deer head in the living room yet too.

More to come...maybe tomorrow....

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