Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5 Day Club - Jesus is My Life Savior - Days 1-2-3

Learning songs & motions
5 Day Club for kids (4 - 12 yrs) is being held at Christ Church this week.  The teen's that are leading it are doing a GREAT job of it!  The kids all seem to be having a good time, and are having fun learning Bible stories and verses, singing songs, playing games, offering prayers, learning about missionaries and eating mass quantities of lunch too!
  We provide the space, chaperones to help with the kids, lunch and after lunch games and activities.  So, it's been keeping me busy doing that and getting things together for it from 9:30 - 1:30, then after that trying to catch up on the work I usually do then at Church.  But what a fun and blessed time it is!
And it's nice that our 3 grandsons can attend too!  All the kids are so fun to be with too... wonderful group!

Here are a few photos from the last three days ... two more to go! Fun-Fun-Fun!

Parachute games were a hit!

Pledge to God's Holy Word (Bible)

Grilled pepperoni pizza cheese sandwiches,
dipping sauce, fruit, chips.. yum!

Fun Group!

Game to learn the Bible Verse

Outside Game

Sponge Tag!

Sponge tag tired some out!


Memory Verse Game

Choosing a treasure...

Wrapping up the Lazarus's

Wrapping Game

Lazarus wrap


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