Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Birthday Weekend Continues....

Great Nana and Jorden
Happy Birthday Mom!!
Jorden and Lady (my dog sister) *L*

It's been a pretty eventful weekend ... with celebrating birthdays, a family reunion, to Mom's health scare (and rescue squad call yesterday afternoon - she's fine now), Kaine and Jorden coming home last night for the weekend, and more.  This afternoon, we went over to see how Mom and Dad were doing, and deliver birthday hugs, kisses and gifts.
Trying out the skyflier!

Of course a trip to Papa and Nana's isn't complete until you ride the skyflier in the back yard!

Daddy Kaine and Jorden
playing Papa's drum.

Skyflier fun!
And of course hugs and kisses for all!
Papa & Jorden - hugs goodbye

Afterward, we headed to the Waterfront for an early dinner birthday for Kasey.
These two are trouble! *lol*

Daddy Kaine and Jorden

Fun, Fun, Fun!
This is a collage of photos that Kasey took...  

Sorry that the other birthday boy, John-John and Janel, Jake, Josh and Jeff couldn't be here ...but I heard Jake was doing some serious goal scoring and defending at the hockey tournament upnorth!

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