Saturday, August 25, 2012

Playing Dress Up - Miss Fashion-ista!

Jorden loves to dress up ... and make believe she is one of many of the princesses from some of the movies she loves.  I have several cute "princess" dresses, and others for her to wear.  She had fun trying on some of my hats with the latest addition to her wardrobe of dress up clothes.

And she especially LOVED the tutu that my friend Maggie made for her and sent to us!  Thanks Maggie!!  She loves to dance and twirl in it!

Funniest quote from Jorden this weekend, so far... "I am a beautiful dream come true!!"

(She IS! *lol*)

And earlier, she was busy being an artist!

She has a bit of a Picasso style to her painting of her Grandpa John here...*G*

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