Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to our "twins" born 9 years apart!

Today, August 24th, is the birthdays of our oldest son, John (lovingly referred to as John-John), and daughter, Kasey (often called Kasey-bug).  One born in 1974, one in 1983 ... twinsies! *L*  It was a LOOOONG pregnancy, eh?

John and family are upnorth this weekend at a Hockey Tournament, Kasey is home and we enjoyed a birthday dinner of crab claws, fish fry, summer salad and berry angel food birthday cake!

We'll celebrate with son, John, later when they are all available too... until then.... Loving them, remembering each birthday with them, and the blessings they have been to us. 
Thank you Lord for our children,  John and Kasey, bless them this day of their birth, now and always, in all ways!

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