Friday, August 17, 2012

Scenes from a Friday ....

Cafe latte
Dad reading  jokes from Readers Digest
Looooong day here ...  up at 6:00 a.m. to leave before 7:00 to pick up Mom and Dad.  Headed to Milwaukee hospital (hour away) where Mom was having a surgical procedure.  Mom had told me to get her early because she needed to be there before 9:00 a.m. .... but once there, the nurse asked if Mom realized her surgery wasn't scheduled until 11:30, to which she affirmed she knew that, but just wanted to be early incase they needed to do other stuff first.  So, we sat around a lot before hand. 

I am not a coffee drinker, however, I did manage to drink a couple of these latte's today.  Dad read from an old Reader's Digest and shared some of the many jokes there.  Sandy, Erica and Jerry joined Dad (and myself), in waiting, praying, and talking with Mom before, and then afterward, in recovery.  The cookies I made yesterday were a big hit with Dad, he scarfed down three of them pretty fast while Mom was changing clothes before her procedure, and then two more while she was in surgery...along with a couple of latte's himself (which he had never had before and found them pretty good with the cookies.).  I should have brought more cookies, Sandy and Erica both liked them as well!  I was able to get some work done on the laptop I brought along before the surgeon came in to give us info .....

The doctor said the surgery went well as far as being able to get to the places they needed to go inside and find out some things.  Mom has two blockages, one in her pancreatic duct, the other in her bile duct.  A stent was put in both to allow it to function more like they are suppose to.  Some ducts are very large (double what they should be), and they did some biopsies, the results of which, will not be available to Mom until Tues. or Wed.  There are some questionable areas and we'll know more once the biopsy results are back.

So by 3:30,  Mom was doing well, they released her and we headed home.  Dad was going to fix her some soup and mashed potatoes, and they were, I'm sure, both going to either nap, or go to bed early.
Prayers are appreciated and we are thankful for them.

I made a fast grocery stop after dropping off Dad and Mom, and waited for grandsons Josh and Jeff to arrive for an overnight.

Our street, and house in the background
This greeted me as I came down our street ...  Isn't it nice for the City to leave these nice concrete and plastic drainage pipes as lawn ornaments for us? *lol* 

Hmmm, what could I make with THESE?!
They didn't dig up our driveway yet, I imagine they'll be doing that bright and early on Monday morning.    Wouldn't they be surprised to see some kind of art project I had made with these things?  Ha!!

Hope there were no spiders inside!
Too heavy to actually move them, but they are certainly a draw for inquisitive grandsons who want to crawl into them!  

Later the boys were asking Grampa what all those rolled up scrolls were and why he had a table in the middle of the living room?  Grampa had fun telling them about the blueprints and how to read one (he was working on estimates for a couple of jobs).  Josh was pretty interested in it all.. who knows?  He may be a budding architect AND an artist down the road?! 

After a late supper, some snacks we were all ready for some sleep.  Tomorrow's the Zoo Trip with others from Church ...  should be a nice day for it!

... words are sometimes not all that can be said at certain times ... family, to me, is one of the most wonderful blessings I (we) have ... and just based on the numbers of my immediate family, I am blessed beyond measure. ... but, sometimes, a change of things is also a blessed thing. ... I (we) are looking forward to grandsons Josh and Jeff being here, and the Zoo Trip tomorrow with Christ Episcopal Church group ... a fun time for us all, and reminder of living life as it comes our way in ALL ways... and yet still keeping close in my heart and prayers my Mom, and Dad, and all.

Prayers, especially for Mom tonight:
Watch over Mom and Dad, dear God, body and soul. Stay beside us all through the night. Protect us from harm. Banish our fears. Send us dreams that are sweet, fill our heart with Your peace, set our mind at ease. And, at first light, please, restore us to new life, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

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