Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoo Trip with Christ Church

Christ Church sponsored a FREE Zoo Trip for parents and kids in our community today.  We rented a bus and headed to the Madison Henry Vilas Zoo.  It was a fun outing, with perfect weather!

Most of our group before we headed out ....

Who has a balloon?!
We had an icebreaker, fun game, as we traveled there ... balloons are always a hit with kids (and adults!)...

The Madison Zoo is a great free zoo with lots of interactive things for kids to see and try out, as well as the zoo animals.

Giraffe getting fresh leaves.

A somewhat deranged ostrich
Some of the zoo animals were funny, some a bit edgy..*L*

Josh and Jeff

Gramma MADE me stand here
for this photo!  *lol*

Lots of photo places for us to play in!

fun, fun, fun!

And if you think it was easy
getting into this... it wasn't!

I think the bear wanted to eat us!*L*

looking for a tender morsel to devour!

A fun day!  Thanks Christ Church!

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