Thursday, August 16, 2012

A dreary, rainy, stormy morning ... good for baking!

I was up early this morning, before 5:15 a.m., usually by that time it's getting light outside, but today we had storms rolling in, by 6 a.m. it was a little light out, but by 6:40 a.m. it was pitch black again with heavy rains and dark clouds.... since I had a lot of overripe bananas, I decided to bake some cookies... my gramma's delicious chocolate / banana / raisin and nut cookies!  These are soooo moist and delicious from using mashed bananas in the batter, and were my favorite cookies as a child!

I know my Dad loves them too, ever since he was a young boy and she had made them for him too. 
I'll bring some along with me when I pick up Mom and Dad early Friday morning to head to a hospital in Milwaukee where my Mom has to go for some tests or some kind of procedure.  Mom had tests at a local hospital here yesterday and they found some things that aren't so good, so they are sending her to another hospital in Milwaukee.  Some of my sisters are also meeting us there to sit with Dad and wait for results from whatever Mom has to have done.  These cookies will be good "comfort" food for Dad and all of us.  (And yes, if you are a pray-er, prayers for my Mom are very much appreciated!)

Cookie dough, pre-baking
The cookie ingredients were mixed together by 7:00 a.m., and spooned onto the baking sheets.  Granted, from the photo, they look kind of like something else..*L*  

Someone snitched part of one!
Then they were baked in no time... and before they were even cooled, someone decided to try part of one!  *looks at my husband suspiciously!* *lol* 

I took some to work and shared, and saved a plate of them for the guys who are part of the street remodel crew who are completely redoing the street in front of our house in the next few weeks and months.  They are going down our long driveway, digging it all up, and putting in some big pipes for drainage to another property where some overflow tank is buried, or something?  Anyway, we'll be all dug up for weeks!  My cookies will be a bribe for them to hurry and do a good job of it!  *lol*   A friend suggested that I may want to rethink giving them cookies to try to make them hurry, they just might stay around longer to get MORE cookies! Ha!   Guess the rain has kept the workers away today, so they will have to wait till tomorrow when I get home from the hospital, hopefully with some good news on Mom.

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