Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Party for Jake, Josh & Jeff!

Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day today, but later in the day, we went over to John and Janel's and celebrated a joint birthday party for the grandsons, Jake, Josh and Jeff.  They have their birthdays within a few weeks of each other, so often there is a mass birthday party celebration.

Can't believe they are growing up so fast!  John and Janel had set up tables in their garage for both sides of the family to congregate in.  After a picnic dinner, the boys opened their gifts from everyone.

One of the things the grandsons found they liked to eat, being at our house once when we had them, were crab claws.  So for part of their gift from us, we gave each of them 4 crab claws, and told them directions in cooking them.  (Especially since some asked to have them on various overnight visits often!)   But, I think they liked the cash gifts they got in their cards better.. *L*

Happy Birthday dear Grandsons!!  We love YOU!!!


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