Saturday, May 11, 2013

Super Hero Kid's Nite

This was a fun event we did for kids at our Church.  Originally it was scheduled to be held in April, but with my Dad's funeral on that day, we postponed it a month.  So last night we entertained 14 SUPER kids!  And 5 SUPER adults too! 

I was busy getting props and stuff set up for it over the last week or more ...
Made these "brick blocks" from boxes that I wrapped with paper, then spray painted to try to make it look like bricks....  I am not a very good brick mason..*L*  But once I got them stacked up, with a few signs on them, they didn't look too bad, (they were used as a game to show their super strength!)

I had made some super hero Jesus capes months ago, that we used as well for some of our spiritual armor games, but I had to make a few more as well.. .from old t-shirts, cut apart, then made an iron-on transfer and tah-dah!  SUPER HERO CAPES!

Some fun super hero tootsie pops with lifesavers added to the stick too, as a treat for the kids to enjoy later in the evening.

Kryptonite Jello with Pop Rock Candies added to them just before serving were a fun taste sensation!

The kids used their "super powers" to make their own super pizzas...

While pizzas were baking, the kids displayed their super flying abilities in some photo ops!  Flying over tall buildings... heh-heh!

After dinner, we talked some about who our heroes were.

Then talked about THE Super HERO, JESUS!  And about "putting on Christ" in our lives.
About the spiritual armor we can put on to give us the strength we need in all sorts of situations we face in life.  (See Ephesians 6:10-18)

We had some fun games associated with that too, using silly string, balloons, straws, q-tips, shields and more! 
A super bunch of heroes!
And then it was time for making super sundaes!!

After building up their strength with ice cream, it was time to demonstrate their strength!

Knocking down the brick wall, and building it up again.... and again... and again....
After that, it was time to rest with a movie, snacks and juice!

A fun night... thanks SUPER HEROES and SUPER ADULTS too!!

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