Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Started the day with the Sunday School kids, and grateful for Kasey, Chellie and Teresa for the help with making gifts from the kids for their Mom's!  It was a hectic, but fun time, making giant tissue paper flowers!

The Annual Mother's Day Champagne Brunch put on by the men of Christ Church is always a big hit!
The men go all out to honor the women.  We each received a rose during the Church service, and then were treated to some delicious food, champagne or juice, followed by the Annual Basket Drawings.

Here are some of the guys who honored the women...  It's sad to not see Dad in the photo...he always was a big part of the Mother's Day Brunch, and enjoyed doing it too.  Thankful for the friends and family in the photo...Terry, Dan, Mark, John, Mark, Ron and Mike, and all the men who helped!

I was also happy to have all three of our kids (and DIL too!) with us today at Church and the Brunch, along with the grandsons too!

And of course my own Mom, shown here with sister, Harriett.

It was a delicious brunch, and fun basket drawing afterward too!
Brother-in-law Bill helps conduct the basket drawing for some lucky ticket holders.

And I was blessed as well to have some great gifts from our kids...but even more, I am blessed to have some great kids!!    Kasey decided we needed to do some fun photos ... *lol*

John, Kaine, Me & Kasey
John and John-John,
Me and Kasey
Kaine has us in a love lock!

Some of my favorite things..
flowers, perfume, Goodwill
gift cards, dried apricots,
sentimental cards and drawings.

After the brunch we went out to Mom's and helped plant some of her planters, tagged things for an upcoming rummage sale she was going to be a part of, and had a late lunch with the family.

It was a great Mother's Day!
Me and My Mom - xoxox!

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