Friday, May 24, 2013

The view from Dad's chair....

View looking up from the recliner
I spent the night with Mom last night, and usually after dinner, we watch TV and talk... Mom in her recliner, and me in Dad's chair.  Memories of Dad are all around with all his "treasures" nearby.  Many small gifts from kids and grandkids that he displayed in various ways. 
Fireplace View From Dad's

View next to Dad's chair
One of Mom's cabinets, and
Dad's arrow.

And then there is the view of MORE SQUIRRELS! ... Dad was always trying to find ways to thwart the squirrels from getting into his bird feeders... (and we've found that Mom was feeding those squirrels all this time too..*L*).  Here are a few of them still hanging around...

Dad would be up in arms over this one!

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