Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planters for Mother's Day Basket Giveaway...

Every year at our Church, the men put on a champagne pot-luck brunch, honoring all women, after the late service on Mother's Day.  All are invited to attend, and it's a delicious and fun time!
We also have a "Basket Drawing".. for a donation of $1 you get a ticket to put into containers next to each basket that are donated by parish members.  The donations go to help us continue doing outreach and ministry in our community and beyond.   Parish members bring baked goods, gas cards, movie baskets, Avon baskets, flowers and planters and sometimes even gift certificates for various services by members.

I found a cool planter at Goodwill (only $2.99!!), and added the liner and plants ...

Also found some other items at Goodwill... old wood folding chair, grapevine heart, and added moss to the seat and planted a moss covered planter...another cool "basket" for the drawing!

Someone is going home with some pretty cool baskets!


And look at what I found at Shopko's Garden Center .... a lettuce planter!  I've never seen one before, it's pretty clever... you can "harvest" the lettuce, cutting off the leaves, wash them, and eat them in a salad.  What is even cooler, is that the lettuce will grow back after a week or two, and you can re-harvest it 3 - 4 times ... can't wait to try it and see if it will grow back well for me too!

Kasey decided she wanted salad for dinner tonite..*L*  I'm hoping to keep the lettuce leaves intact for a few days, since it's a pretty plant as well as being edible!

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