Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Squirrels Abound Lately....

I was at my Mom and Dad's house tonite, sitting in Dad's recliner, and looking out the front window watching the birds at the feeders that Dad had put in the yard over the years.... suddenly a squirrel jumped down onto one of the planters.   This was probably one of those squirrels that used to drive Dad crazy! There seems to be a LOT of them around here lately!

Dad was always trying to find ways to outsmart those squirrels so they couldn't get the bird seed.  They must know Dad isn't here to try and thwart their efforts now.

However, I now suspect there were other "forces" out against Dad and on the side of the squirrels... Mom confessed that she had one of the grandkids (or kids?) put grape jelly in that bowl thing by the bird feeder to attract the squirrels! *L* She got a kick out of seeing the squirrels look up from the bowl with their face and paws covered in grape jelly..*L*

Dad must be there in heaven muttering big time!! *ha!*  Love you Dad, miss you!! xoxox

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