Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial and Occupy Wall Street - Road Trip - Day 4

After we left Central Park (see earlier post), we headed toward the 9/11 Memorial..taking a train there. We were so thankful to have Jason with us in so many ways... one way was because we would NEVER have figured out what train or bus to take to all these places, and we'd probably still be wandering around in NYC days later... ha!!

The Memorial and buildings are still undergoing a lot of contruction. This is the view from the street before we got to the Memorial entrance.

And right across the street from the Memorial were the OCCUPY WALL STREET campout and demonstrations.

There was a LARGE police presence all around the area ... lots of noise... shouting (some were shouting obscenitities, some their platform views), music, bands, some standing silently, some talking with passerbys... some asking for donations for various needs of the campers (warmer tents, etc.). One woman was holding a sign saying her sister had a college debt of $30,000 ... hmmmm, that debt is just a drop in the bucket, it seems to me...welcome to the real world! Many have debts so much MORE! One was making a sort of "shrine" it looked like, adding flowers to it.

It looked like a lot of mass confusion, and the press was there, of course, adding to it.. It resembled a "Love-In" from the 60's!

We moved on to enter the 9/11 Memorial ... the sounds of the protests across the street were drowned out by the noise of the construction still going on, and the sound of the water in the fountains too at the memorials.

I had seen the making of the 9/11 Memorial on a TV program, and it made me cry ... seeing the Memorial and the area in person was also very moving and the thoughts of how it must touch those who experienced it were very much on my mind. You can't help but say a prayer here for all the people who died and were injured, and for their families and friends... it is indeed a sacred place.

After spending some time here, we went across the street to a sports bar and grill and had some lunch, talked about the Memorial and where we had been when 9/11 actually took place.

.... More photos to come from this day in another post soon ... Times Square...Rockefeller Center...Broadway Musical and more ....

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