Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rockefeller Center, Times Square - I LOVE NYC! More of Road Trip Day 4

*Note* See my earlier blog posts for other places we visited during our awesome Road Trip 2011!

Day 4 Continued....

After the 9/11 Memorial we headed out to see more of NYC ... Photos of our walk to Times Square and Rockefeller Center... and more! We walked through some of the theatre district on the way to Times Square to get same day half price tickets for a Broadway Musical. Theatre signs...a live Lady Liberty posing ...colorful store windows... street vendors.... and more!

And then TIMES SQUARE!! (during the day)

See those people waving in the photo of people standing around (upper left-hand corner) ... it was posted on one of the big screens in Times Square, live action happening ... Jason, Kasey and I were caught on it!

After purchasing tickets for the musical, "How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying", we walked over to Rockefeller Center... the ice rink was open already too!

We headed back to Times Square to see it at night, and do some people watching before the Musical at 7 p.m.

We sat on some red lighted steps, much like bleachers, to watch all the excitement of Times Square.... AWESOME!!

There were people playing harmonicas, guitars, and of course, the "Naked Cowboy" was walking around .. *lol* (The Naked Cowboy, who actually wears underwear, has been in Times Square everyday for the last 10 years.)

Check out this short video of the lights, ads, sounds, and people in Times Square... (stop my playlist songs to hear it better).

We enjoyed some drinks at a bar closer to the theatre while we waited to head over to the musical at The Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Starring in the lead roles were Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter), and John Larroquette (Nightcourt).

You could buy t-shirts, pins, refrigerator magnets and more ....
Photos weren't allowed during the show, but this is the ceiling in the theatre and the stage prior to the start of the performance.

What a GREAT performance we saw too!! It was EXCELLENT! Very funny, great choreography, wonderful actors and actress's ... We LOVED it!!

After the musical we had a late night dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, yummy food, great times ... a looooong day in the city, but SOOOO much fun with Jason and Kasey!! Memories to last a lifetime!

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