Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road Trip Extravaganza 2011 - Day One

Up before the dawn to get ready to leave ... we had hoped to get going by 5 a.m., scratch that ...we slept until almost 5, but did leave about 6:20 a.m....van packed, gps and radio set... and two, up early, tired travelers, with excited smiles, start out!

We watched the sunrise in Illinois, which was blinding! Seared our eyes and made driving toward it a bit difficult in Chicago traffic....but we survived.

Here is something that our $$$ didn't survive.... all the Toll Booths along the way... egads!!

We decided to stop in South Bend, Indiana since we saw there were some art galleries and shops there to visit...

Of course we had to purchase something there at a shop .... I found a cute little purse that hangs from my purse, in a bright yellow to match the wallet I already had... and Kasey gives a thumbs up to her new spoon ring!

Saw an old catholic church from the outside - St. Patrick's ... great architecture... and some memorials on the grounds.

The river was pretty ... near an art museum, but we didn't take the time to visit it..we wanted to get on the road to head to Pittsburgh, PA and get there on Sunday.

It was a great sun-shiney day for driving! And we discovered there was some giant campbell's soup can along the we took a short detour off the highway to go see it in Napoleon, Ohio... *L*

The courthouse in Napoleon had Lady Justice on the top, the soup can was at a Campbell's Soup factory... a bit out of town, off the highway, so we drove some of the back roads for an hour or so to see the countryside.

We stopped near Cleveland, Ohio for the night ... heading to Pittsburgh and the Andy Warhol Museum tomorrow!

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