Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Stuffing & Baking with the Next Great Chef - Our Granddaughter!

Jorden came for a pre-Thanksgiving visit for a couple of days, and helped me make a turkey and we experimented with two different kinds of stuffing. We love turkey leftovers, but with a large family gathering, there aren't leftovers for anyone to take home, so the last few years I've been roasting a turkey for leftovers at home... for turkey sandwiches, turkey "hash", and just to snack on... yummmy!!

Jorden had fun helping me get the turkey and stuffing ready ... (I had fun with her too!)

First we had to salt and pepper the giblets, and put them on to simmer so we could slice them up to put in the stuffing along with the other good things.

Then dump the bread cubes into the bowl, add celery, onions, seasonings, butter, turkey broth from the cooked giblets, sliced giblets, and crushed pistachios.

The other stuffing had celery, apples, craisins, crushed pecans, spices, butter, giblets and turkey broth. Jorden had to taste test the craisins, and some celery too! *lol*

I couldn't find my nut chopper, so we mashed/smashed the nuts in a plastic bag before adding them, and then stir it all together.

Get a pan ready for the turkey.....

Jorden really didn't like the looks of the raw turkey much .... she said it looked "scary".

And this is the stuffing, ready to put inside the turkey, and in a baking pan.

And, about 5 1/2 hours later, we have a delicious roasted turkey and stuffing, ready to be feasted on! Yummmmy, yummy!!

By the time Jorden is 4 years old, she'll for sure be a renowned chef! *lol*

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