Friday, November 4, 2011


Haven't had time to blog for awhile because I was busy trying to get all my work done so my daughter and I could go on our annual Road Trip Extravaganza!

So, as of Friday afternoon, I am officially, ON VACATION!!

We leave early in the morning for New York City ... and all points inbetween! We are driving there, stopping at whatever points of interest we find along the way.

Hubby will be holding down the fort while we are gone exploring out east. I am SOOOO excited to head out in the AM and will be posting some of our adventures as we travel...

"O God, You called Abraham Your servant out of Ur and kept him safe and sound in all his wanderings. According to Your will, protect Your servants. Be for us a support when setting out, friendship along the way, a little shade from the sun, a mantle against cold and rain, a crutch on slippery paths, and a haven in shipwreck. Bear us up in fatigue, and defend us under attack. Under Your protection, let us fulfill the purpose for our trip and return safe and sound to our home. Amen."

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