Thursday, November 24, 2011

I AM Thankful!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today we headed over to my sister and brother-in-law's, Chellie & Bill's home for the family Thanksgiving dinner and celebration.... and of COURSE, to watch the Packer game!!

I didn't get many photo's of our time together ... too tired, I guess, but we did have a great time cheering on the Packers, while we ate, and watching them get another win!! 11-0 WAY TO GO PACK!!

I was too late arriving to get a photo of the giant turkey that my Mom always makes, but did get my Dad in his usual job of carving up the fowl beast, with Matthew waiting anxiously! *S*

We also celebrated family birthdays ... my camera was slow, but I did manage to get Conner as he blew out candles on the pumpkin pie ....

It was a nice family gathering of about 60 or so of us...not everyone could be there... some were sick, others at other family gatherings, and some upnorth deer hunting.

I did manage to get over to a local WalMart afterward to get a special Christmas gift for one of the grandsons ... YAY! Then home to do some catch up work for Church for a couple of hours.... Thank you Lord, for ALL things!

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