Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grandson Overnight!

Last night the three grandsons had fun with us at the Drive-In Movie Nite, then stayed the night at our house. It was about 10:30 by the time we got home, but the boys were still wide awake! At least for an hour or so ... and then they finally crashed in their "nests" of blankets and pillows... and so did I! *L*

But early this morning, Josh woke me up to remind me we had to find a new button eye for his monkey hat. We searched through the button box and found some cool buttons to make TWO new eyes! Instead of just a plain black button eye, his hat now sports some cool googly eyes!

And then it was time to make breakfast ... we did the easy bread and scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon in the muffin tins. Josh and Jeff helped, while Jake slept in for awhile.

While breakfast was baking, Josh wanted me to draw with him. He is reading some books with the Boneville characters in them, so that is what he chose for us to try. We found a picture on the internet, and drew our renditions from there.

Here is Josh's art, my attempt at it and even Jeff drew a picture too!

It was a fun, busy morning with the boys, and went by too fast before their Dad came to pick them up. Thank you Lord for grandsons!!

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