Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts ...

A friend of mine, former classmate from high school, had seen my post from a couple of weeks ago when I made some Apple Pies in an Apple for the Homeless Shelter Fundraiser.

She lives out east, far from home, but her parents still live here, and she inquired about the possibility of having some of those made for a Valentine Day gift for them, in exchange for a gift for the Homeless Shelter. I said yes, I could do that, so tonite I made the delicious treats and will deliver them in the morning.

They turned out great, hope they are as good as they look!

Thanks Robin also for the generous donation to the Walworth County Emergency Homeless Shelter!


And... Shhhhhhhhh ... it's a secret yet, still to be delivered, but I also made some for the grandsons and John and Janel too! ... sending it home with John-John tomorrow along with chili and cornbread from the weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day to All tomorrow!

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