Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday John!!

I am married to an older man ...*G* ...well, today he is officially another year older anyway ... (and I'm not too far behind him - ugh!)

We had some friends, as well as some of our kids and grandkids, over for snacks and birthday pie bites with ice cream nuggets. Then we headed over to Tubby's for their Tuesday night lobster/steak special - yum!

The grandkids had homework, so they, unfortunately, had to head home after the birthday boy blew out his candles, we ate the goodies, and had a short game of Headbanz ... YES!, we MADE our friends play along as well..*LOL* They were good sports about it though!

Hate to see how they'll get us back however...ha!

It was a fun night, and a good birthday for John! (Special thanks to Randy for dinner too!!) And THANK YOU for the well wishes, and birthday greetings on FB and in snailmail for John!

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