Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stone Soup Making...

I was part of the Stone Soup Ministry Outreach tonite at our Church. A small, but dedicated group gathered, with their donations of veggies to add to our "stone" soup.

Myself and a friend from Church, (Pat), had simmered beef stew meat and chicken prior to meeting, and I had found the story of Stone Soup online to show, along with a stone soup song too.

We watched the short video of Stone Soup (check out YouTube, there are MANY variations of the story)... and then started slicing and dicing our veggies to add to the pots.

We had some short discussions on sharing, and what scripture passage best fits our stone soup efforts (feeding of the 5,000 with the fish and barley loaves), and enjoyed our slicing and dicing!

We also made soup cards, by ripping construction paper into pots and veggies, and adding a personal message inside. These and a small stone, will go into an envelope to be delivered along with "stone" soup to shut-in's, the sick, those who need cheering up and to the people who come to our food pantry.

We filled and packaged 36 containers of soup to go into the freezer to be given away soon!! Yummy chicken noodle, and vegetable beef barley! Great job everyone!!

Closed with a short prayer time, and offered prayers for those who would receive our "stone" soups.

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