Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collaborative Assemblage Project - Using Old Doors

Since construction work is a bit slow right now, and since John has collected a few old doors from various projects over the years, as well as some we had already in our basement, we are working together to make some cool hall trees and benches, and possibly other things using the old doors (and more).

I showed John some ideas I had collected off the internet using old doors, and he agreed to try one or two of them. He put the doors together with a seat, etc. and I will be painting, staining and adding decorative touches along the way.

Here is just the start of what we have done so far ... using some old green colored spray paint I had in the basement (I really wanted to do the first one red, but used this color first), I made the color of the item more uniform.

When I get a few hours (like an afternoon off from doing my taxes and bookkeeping), I will be sanding off the paint in some areas, then staining with a red mahogony stain, and a few coats of polycrylic. John is cleaning up the hinges and door plates somewhat to put back on as eclectic decorative touches, and I'll add some hooks for hanging jackets, etc. And possibly a mirror insert, or other things too?

Anyway ... if this turns out well, we might be making more and selling them...more photos as we progress in this collaboration.

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