Friday, March 9, 2012

Update on the Door Assemblage Project...

This last week John and I have been making some projects using old doors. See my post from this last Tuesday here.

Yesterday I sanded down the project I had painted on Tuesday. Making it more chippy paint style and kind of an antiqued distressed.

Then today I put the first coat of stain on it. I'm disappointed that it wasn't darker with the first coat of stain... but, I'll let it dry for a day or two, then add another coat of stain and see how it looks.

At least it is looking uniform in color using two different doors and adding parts to it... so far, so good. In the meantime, I'll be cleaning off the hardware - door plate and knobs, hooks and hinges to add back to it once the other coat of stain, and finish coats of polycrylic are done drying ... probably next week sometime?

In the meantime, John, and son, John, worked on another one in a bit different style ... so I'll have more to paint, sand, stain and finish too!


UPDATE ON DOOR BENCH HALL TREE ....  This was finally finished, and donated to a fund raiser to help a friend who was hit by a car and had major medical expenses... glad to donate it to a great cause and friend!

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