Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Naked Egg Experiment ...

WARNING!! This post may be too much for some, if you do NOT want to see a naked egg, I suggest you advert your eyes to this post!!

I saw this idea at the Pinterest website, and thought it would be great fun for when the grandkids came for an overnight weekend...however, I couldn't wait until then... so for the past 30 hours, I have been involved in "egg porn". *lol* Trying to get this innocent egg subject, naked.

What was once a nicely clothed in white shell egg, has been encouraged to get naked! (with the help of a glass of vinegar, and a few soft massages along the way). *L*

First thing was to submerge the egg into a glass of vinegar, covering the egg totally. (also gently spinning it from time to time in the 15 - 26 hours it takes to dissolve the shell). During this time, after the first 14 hours, I took the egg gently out of the vinegar bath and rubbed the skin under water to help with the "undressing"...then put it back into the vinegar bath, several times I gave it an extra shot of vinegar to help in the "undressing" process. *g* (doesn't that song go... "tequilla makes her clothes come off"?..*L* seems a shot of vinegar helps as well!) You can see the process happening as the egg gives off little bubbles and some froth in the glass as it works.

My egg seemed to be a bit shy, and what was said to take between 12 - 24 hours, actually took, for my egg, about 28 hours. BUT, finally, after the final massage to remove more of the egg shell residue, my egg posed, in all it's glorious nakedness, for a photo op!

The outside shell is gone, and what was the inside membrane, which feels kind of rubbery now, is what is now holding in the uncooked yoke and white matter inside.

This website, Imagination Station, in Toledo, OH, gives more info on fun things to do with the egg once it is naked.

So, I am now moving onto the next part in my "Naked Egg Experiment" ... putting the naked egg into a larger glass of water, to see how much I can expand it!

According to the Imagination Station info ... "The makeup of the inside of the egg is around 90% water. If you put the egg in a cup of (100%) water, the water will begin to move inside the egg through the membrane to equalize the amount of water inside and outside of the egg membrane. This process of water moving through a membrane is called osmosis. Osmosis equalizes – or makes the concentration of water on both sides of the egg membrane the same. This means the egg will swell as the water moves inside and get larger."

And after this, I may EVEN add coloring to the water to see if I can change the color of the inside of my naked egg or try to shrink my enlarged egg, and then bring it back to size again!!

Bwhahaha...*evil laugh*...the world is my oyster!! ...err, I mean, my nekkid egg is my oyster, at least for now, and ohhhh the fun things that await us in this continued experiment!! *lol*

Can't wait to try this with the grandkids too sometime in a science experiment weekend of fun!!



So, I decided to try to have some fun and take a photo of my enlarged naked egg, with a feather in a photo op ... yeah, yeah, goofy eh? *L*

And then, for some unknown reason, I tried to "bounce" my naked egg on the table ... it was pretty cool... it bounced pretty well... BUT when I tried it the second time.... arrrghhhhhhhh..... I had to scrape it up and toss it out ... it kind of looks like an egg with a condom next to it ... *L* (oops, advert your eyes those who may be offended!)

So, I still need to continue on with this experiment ... a new egg is unbashfully being de-shelled even now ... I hope to try out the colored aspect to the inside of the egg, done via the outside, and shrinking and restoring the egg too....we'll see...either way... it's been fun!


Anonymous said...

If tap water doesn't work as amazingly as you like, try distilled water. Tap water has some salts and minerals in it and will slow down the osmosis.

Name: Roberta said...

Ohh thanks for the tip Ginny!!