Friday, March 23, 2012

Paint Board Idea - Not Just For Kids....

A friend of mine posted this from a pinterest idea - original idea can be found here.

But I took it a step farther, thinking I could use it not only for my grandchildren... and perhaps for a Sunday School project down the road... but also for one of my prayer station installations, for participants to use to draw or express themselves in. It erases easily and is reusable for many, so it would be a cool way to use this idea.

Here is a photo from a past art as prayer show where I used a sand feature and water paint board, but this new idea would work great here too!

I decided to frame it in a cheap dollar store frame ... check it out.. here are the materials you need....

A couple of tips .... don't over use paint in the bag ... don't smoosh the paint around in the bag before you secure it to the cardboard backing and frame it. .. and before that, make sure you try to get as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing and ducttaping it. When placing it in the frame, be careful of the side metal things that you fold down to secure it in place, don't let them puncture your bag of paint.

You can use your finger to paint on the paint board, or use a well padded Q-tip. Just beware of sharp nails, or the q-tip that gets worn down from use .. it can rip the bag and I imagine a real mess would be had then! This is a fun, and inexpensive way to make "art" for all ages!

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