Sunday, March 25, 2012

Resurrection / Empty Tomb Easter Gardens

Jorden rings in the kids to come to the classroom, which is all set up for them to make these Gardens...

We talked about the events of Good Friday, Jesus death on the cross, with the two robbers also being crucified on either side of Him. And how Jesus was buried in a tomb, carved out of the ground, with a large stone rolled in front of it to seal it. And what happened on Easter Day, when Jesus rose from the dead, and the tomb He had been buried in was empty.

Then we started to make our Gardens creating some of the items from the story of Good Friday and Easter ...a tomb, three empty crosses on the hill, a stone rolled away from the entrance to the tomb, and an empty burial cloth inside.

We planted grass seed on the hill area, that will need to be spritzed and soaked with water twice a day while it sits in a sunny location. So we have them sitting in the window in the classroom at Church... and guess what I'll be doing in the mornings and afternoons this next 7 - 10 days!

The grass should sprout in about a week to 10 days, and next Sunday the kids will be adding more items to their Easter Gardens.

There are extra ones we partly finished, for the kids who weren't here today, and other extra ones for Fr. Bill to take on his visits to the homebound when he takes out Easter communion after Easter.

These will be in the "Lenten Experience Art Show - Through the Eyes of a Child", held during Holy Week at Church, and then they'll be able to take them home on Easter Sunday.

Can't wait to see the grass start growing on them and have the kids finish them next Sunday to be displayed in the Art Show later during Holy Week! More photos to come in a week or so....


UPDATES:  What a difference just a week to ten days make!  Check out these other links for MORE on the Resurrection Easter Gardens as they grew grass!

And as they were featured in the Lenten Experience Art Show...


Leighann said...

Roberta, I am putting together a lent devotional for kids and am wondering if I can use two of your pictures for the Easter Garden activity. I don't have time to plant it and have the book done for Lent. Please email me at leighann_marquiss at yahoo dot com


Name: Roberta said...

Hi Leighann, YES, feel free to use the photos!!