Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Resurrection/Empty Tomb/Easter Garden updates...

Besides doing our Hosanna paintings this morning, we also added to our Easter Gardens, which on day 7, have sprouted so much we also needed to "mow" them..*lol*

The kids, who couldn't be here last week, added their small pebbles, and picked out a large stone to be rolled away from the "tomb". They added their 3 crosses, empty burial cloth, and some little white flowers and a butterfly. The other kids also added the flowers and butterflies too. Then I trimmed them, and spritzed them with water, and they are looking GREAT!

Even those slow growing gardens I had to move to another window are starting to sprout well now too! Soon they'll catch up to the others!

I have a feeling I'll need to "mow" them all again before the Art Show later this week..*L*


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to share the happenings for Easter. Thanks for sharing.


Name: Roberta said...

Thank you MawMaw1984! They were a big hit with all! We made extra to send to the homebound people that our priest regularly visits, and they loved them too!