Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's the door project assemblage that NEVER ends!!..arrgghhh!

Okay.. Up early this A.M. and FINALLY  some time to get back to this door project .. I didn't like how the stain I used had made the old white paint that showed thru turn kind of pinkish, so I bought some darker stain, and have applied two coats to it .... it's finally getting better!  So, after this dries for a couple of days, I'll decide whether or not to go with a 3rd staining or go on to a coat or two of polycrylic ... then add back the doorknob, hinges and hardware and TAHHH DAHHH - it's finished!  

Not sure yet if we'll sell it, or donate it for the Mother's Day Brunch Basket Drawing...we'll see....

I have another door project to get to as well... maybe the first coats of red paint on that one will happen later this week?

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