Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday .....

Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

Agnus Dei ... Lamb of God
Remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us .....  via art....

Clean Sweep Jesus

Heart Exchange


Check out this Youtube video of Taize music: Jesus Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom.
(Turn off my playlist songs before playing this music video).


One of the things I love to do, and we used to do with Youth Group kids, is look at what we consider "secular" songs, and ask yourself.... "Where is God in this song, or in the lyrics?"

I have found, that if I add God into the songs I love to listen to that aren't necessarily hymns or Christian songs, that it can still give a powerful message, sometimes in a more contemporary way that may mean more to people if they also did that .....  Here is a song, that just often reminds me of the hymn above (Jesus Remember Me...) ......this song is by Tim McGraw, titled...."Please Remember me."

Try putting God into this song ... if you take the song as if it was one of the criminals who were crucified next to Jesus, and they are the ones singing, as if to Jesus, One who loves them (as well as us), more than life... and knowing that we know Jesus is going on to "better love" be reunited with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, as well as uniting all of humanity back to God ....well, it just fits, at least to me. *S*  (skip the ad if there is one on this video ... and turn off my playlist music to listen to it too.)

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