Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Altar of Repose....

This morning and afternoon we set up our Altar of Repose for the All Night Prayer Vigil that will be happening after the Maundy Thursday Service tomorrow night.  We use the Easter Flowers that were donated in memory of and thanksgivings for loved ones... (then after the Good Friday Service, we transfer them all to the Church Altar for Easter Services).

Altar of Repose before the
blessed sacrament is added.
Altar of Repose in the Chapel
Here are some photos of the Chapel set up and ready ... it's so beautiful... looks like a garden.. it's also one of my favorite times during Holy Week - The Prayer Vigil... tomorrow night when it is lit by candles and has soft meditative hymns playing, it's truly a sacred space to be in and know that "GOD IS", and realize God's love for us all.

Altar of Repose

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