Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools is Past... and Who's the Biggest Fool at Last??... Dad?? *lol*

So, this was a prank I pulled on our Sunday School class... but, my Mom had come to help yesterday morning with Sunday School, and I had a few extra bags of "cheetos", so I gave one to her to give to my Dad.

This morning at 6 a.m. (my Dad who is an early riser, usually up before 4 a.m., so I knew he must have been chomping at the bit to call me SOOO late at 6 a.m). ... he calls and he says, "What a mean trick to play on your father!" ..*lol*

Seems he loved Cheetos more than I knew, and after doing some chores around the house, he sat down to have a beer and some of those cheetos ...*heh* ... he informed me that carrots and beer just do NOT go together! Who knew?? ha!

Dear Dad, April Fool's is past, and who's the biggest fool at last?? *g* xoxoxo it when I can "get" my Dad!!

But.... I was warned... Dad's out to "get" me back .. "BEWARE", he said! *L*

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