Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Taxman Calleth...

Got a call from our "taxman" (accountant), who had our 2011 tax return finished ... Good news... we get a refund - small, but at least it's something!  Bad news - income was down again, which we knew, but at least it had picked up a bit from 2010.

About time for this recession to hit the road!  Praying this Spring more and more people will be looking at renovations, repairs, additions or even a new build or two! 

So, anyone needing any work this year... check out the quality workmanship of Karstetter Construction!  Give them a call!

And, anyone wanting some excellent photos taken for a special event, wedding, birthday, senior high school photos, advertising, etc.  Check out the great work done by Kasey K Photo!

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