Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recycled Door Bench/Chair Project TWO ... a work in progress...

Here is another recycled door project that my husband John put together for me.  He used an old door, parts of old doors, drawers and more to make this bench/halltree. I showed him some examples of what I wanted, I had an old distressed looking mirror that fits in one of the top inserts of the door, so he put it all together & I get to paint, sand, stain and embellish it, clean up the hardware (hinges, door plate, etc.) and then we'll see if we can sell it.

Here it is so far ... before painting it red and after ... I had about 5 various shades of red spray paint I used on it...  next step will be sanding it all down in a couple of days... then staining the whole thing with a dark stain to tame down the red, maybe two coats of stain... then polycrylic to seal it and insert the mirror, add the hardware.

Sooo, since I'm doing it in between other things, it may be a couple of weeks before it's done.... MORE TO COME!

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