Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UpDate on the Egg Experiment Project AND the Door Assemblage Project

This may not be eggactly interesting to those who stop by my blog ... but here is an update on the Egg Experiment Project from a few days ago.
I had broken the first egg when goofing around with it ... and so, I started a new egg in a vinegar bath to "undress" it and now have another naked egg subject to experiment with.

So, here is my egg #2 after losing it's shell and soaking in water to see how much it enlarges ... according the the science experiment, it's suppose to get larger ... however, after 23 hours I do NOT see any larger egg...except when viewing it thru the water in the glass bowl..*lol*

I guess it's time to try and shrink the nekkid egg and see if it prunes up or not? ...STAY TUNED FOR MORE! *lol*


And then there is the door assemblage project ... this first one is not going as smoothly as I had hoped... using an old color paint and having the stain not adhere as much as I had hoped is driving me crazy!..and making me add more coats of stain along the way ... so here is a photo parade of the project as it was, and is now ...

I may do yet another coat of stain ... MORE TO COME...

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