Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art that I USED to do LOOOONG ago....

My school and me
circa 1958.

My family - Dad, Mom,
sister Chellie, Me & Brownie
our dog - circa 1958.

Big brown bear in the woods.
circa 1958. (my bear art
seemed to have continued
in later years too...ha!)
I was looking through old boxes of photos and stuff for an upcoming Father's Day project I'm working on, and came across some old art that my Mom had saved from my kindergarten days.  I was a budding artist even back then....  I'd like to think my art abilities have grown since 52+ years ago, but, maybe not??  Ha!   When I'm dead, and then a famous artist, these pictures may be worth MILLIONS!! *LOL*

I also found some old Polaroid photos of art I used to do 35 - 40 years ago.  These I called "buck burning" - I used a wood burning tool to burn pictures into deer hides, then stretched them on a frame.  I don't think my art work is so spectacular, but back when I used to do these, they were not common, and so they sold pretty good.   I used to go to art fairs and art shows with these, and some of my other wood working projects and crafts ... hinged fish, nursery rhyme characters, candlesticks and more.
Bear in the wood - buck burning, circa 1973 or so.

I made several vests with pictures
of bears too!  Circa 1975 - 1978 
It seems doing art with bears in it continued in my "old" age....

Buck Burning, deer head on deer
hide shaped like the State of WI,
circa 1974 or so.

Buck burning of doe and fawns.
This was before it was stretched to
a frame.  Circa 1976 or so?

Indian head on deer hide. Circa 1970's.
 Here are a few other buck burnings I did back then too .... ahhh memories of burning deer hides ... *lol*....

Wooden, jointed fish & buck burning
Indian picture.  Circa 1976 or so.

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